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Notice for Admission

1. The park carries out one-ticket system for visiting both the “Driving area” and the “Hiking Area”.

2. One ticket for one person only, valid for the day. Once sold, no refund, no replacement.

3. The tickets are sold according to ages and body height. Those over 70 are free; half off for children 1.2-1.4 meters high.

4. Children under 1.2 meters are free, but one adult is only allowed to bring one child in; Please buy ticket, if more.

5. The open hours of the Park may change because of seasonal variation, etc.; the change should be affirmed according to the announcement issued by the Ticket Office on the day.

6. If there is a change of the specific performance time of the Animal Performance Ground of the Park, the change will subject to the time schedule issued on the day; if the weather is bad, the performance might be suspended. We hope you will pardon us for suspension.

7. While hiking and watching the animal performance in the park, all the visitors are required to behave under guidance and arrangement. It is not allowed to cast food, play hitting and teasing, or frighten the animals.

8. There are animal feedstuff selling spots in the park; please feed the animals within the designated areas with the feedstuff bought in our park; No food is allowed to bring in by visitors to feed the animals, so as to avoid from jeopardizing animal health!

9. Please put the rubbish, offal, discarded plastic bags and the relevant products into the garbage bin in time. Never throw them away at random!

10. It is forbidden to take any poisonous, flammable or explosive articles, pets or any other animals into the park.

11. Visitors, especially the group visitors are not allowed to carry the following objects such as colored flags, gongs or drums into the park in case of frightening the animals.

12. Fire is strictly prevented because the Park is located in the trees. No barbecue , no bonfire, no throwing about cigarette ends (no smoking, smoking is strictly forbidden on fire prevention period) and no open fire. Upon finding a fire, please call police and the nearby staff as soon as possible.

13. Take care of trees and woods, fruiters and flowers in the park. Never pull down, break off, pick, pluck plants or trample on the lawn in the park. Those who commit violation or reject dissuasion shall be punished.

14. Take care of the hygiene, recreation and safety facilities and equipments as well as public latrine cleaners in the park. Upon finding any trouble or inconvenience, please inform us, and maintenance will be arranged as soon as possible.

15. Taking child, please be careful for safety; do not play or take photos in dangerous areas: waterside, abrupt slope, crossing railing and separation railing.

16. Do not use the flashing lamp while taking pictures of animals in case that the animals may be frightened. We possess the copyright of the scenery image and animal image of this park, so, it is forbidden to shoot pictures for movies and TV or use image photos of the scenic spots and buildings in the park for commercial purposes without our consent.

17. Do not drive the wild birds and little beasts in the forest of the park, or commit any action hurting them.

18 . We promise to all the visitors here: We will provide you with devout, wholehearted, affable and high-quality services. If there are any of our staff members serving you badly, engaged in fraud for selfish ends or charging without authorization, etc. in this park, please complain to the administrative staff or call us, and we will deal with it seriously!

Thank you for your cooperation!

Complaining Telephone: 0898-65569366

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