African Lion
Asian Elephant
White Buffalo

Hiking Area

No. One large scale monkey mountain in the world ---- Home of Hainan rare and precious macaques ---

Hippo Pool --- a happy family of four.

Cold-blooded and horrific crocodile pool;

Animals' kindergarten full of puerility and childish happiness

There are still cute little panda, smart Golden monkey, clever chimpanzee, parrot with first-class artistic skills, lively hamadryas and lovely squirrel monkey, as well as the exhibition zone for local animals of Hainan Province --- Wuzhi Moutain White Buffalo, Wenchang Chicken, Jiaji Duck, Dongshan Goat. Walking leisurely in the park, you can appreciate the animals' different expressions.

No. One large scale monkey mountain in the world

hippo crocodile little panda
Golden monkey white buffalo chimpanzee
Jiaji Duck Dongshan Goat  

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